Many of us sort these types of waste incorrectly

We are getting better and better at sorting waste, but some things are still difficult to calculate. Where should the nail polish be thrown away? And what about light bulbs? Are they made of both glass and metal? And pizza boxes are made of cardboard, so why can't they be thrown in the cardboard container? Don't worry, we have the answers below.


An empty or dried-up bottle of nail polish is nothing to hang on to. But where should the nail polish be thrown away? Although the small bottle is made of glass, they must not be thrown into the glass container. They need it for dangerous chemistry. The same goes for a large number of other products from the bathroom, such as nail polish remover, hair dyes – and generally products that contain dangerous chemical substances, regardless of packaging.

Light sources

Where does the used light bulbs go? At home, we have a separate box in the basement where we store used LED and energy-saving light bulbs. We actually brought that box and its contents from our previous home. It has simply been with us during a move, because we didn't know where the bulbs should be sorted.

Used LED bulbs and energy-saving bulbs are best disposed of as hazardous waste . Energy-saving light bulbs can contain toxic heavy metals. They are so dangerous that it is important to vent if you drop it and it breaks. LED bulbs belong to electronics. But sometimes it can be difficult to see whether it is an energy-saving bulb or an LED bulb. Therefore, it is best to hand it over to hazardous waste . The waste company then ensures that they end up in exactly the right place.

Pizza boxes

Where does the empty pizza boxes go? It's cardboard - shouldn't they be thrown away with cardboard and paper? No, the used pizza boxes (and other cardboard and paper with food residues on them) belong in the residual waste. It impairs the quality of the recycling if they go in the same bin with the clean cardboard from, for example, cardboard boxes. A really good tip when you have to throw away pizza boxes: wet the pizza box with some water, then it can easily be crumpled into a ball that does not take up anything in the bin. And then there is no risk of the pizza boxes blocking the waste chute.