About ReCollector

I started ReCollector because there was a lack of useful solutions for waste sorting with optimal functions and a stylish appearance.

I am passionate about creating innovative solutions, and with my anthropological background, the solutions are always based on a need or a concrete challenge that has not been solved.

Throwing myself at a design solution for waste sorting has been something completely new but a very meaningful work because it contributes to an important cause.

We must take good care of nature so that future generations can also enjoy it in the same way as we did.

I am proud to have created a solution to a real everyday challenge.

"I myself lacked a nice, flexible solution for waste sorting and that's how the idea for a ReCollector came about ... It must be easy and clear to sort waste, and it must also be an aesthetic experience."

Founder and CEO, Tenna Holdorff Christiansen.

Tenna is a trained anthropologist and has worked for many years with solutions to problems with a large human focus. It was also through many conversations with people about their waste habits, needs and barriers to waste sorting at home that a solution began to take shape.

"ReCollector has an important mission to take better care of our environment.

With products from ReCollector, it becomes easier for my family to sort our waste in a busy everyday life."

– Marie Møller