ReCollector is designed to make a difference to the environment. Every day, the average European citizen produces 1.3 kilos of waste.

This waste is a potential resource that can be recycled and used in new products - that's why all our boxes are made from recycled plastic.

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ReCollector is Danish design with simple, clean lines that fit into a modern home. Choose from several different colors that you can mix and match according to your wishes and needs.

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ReCollector is an innovative, user-friendly and Danishly designed system for waste sorting. The rigorous design hides a large number of smart functions that make your everyday life easier and more manageable when you have to sort your waste.

The sorting boxes themselves can be hung and combined according to what suits your home and your personal style. The patented solution is made of recycled plastic, which can also be reused.

The solution is practical when you don't have space under the sink or want better accessibility. The boxes have an easy-to-operate opening and closing mechanism, a handle so that you can take out the entire drawer, the option to attach waste bags and are also odorless.

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