Make waste sorting a better experience in your kitchen with Recollector's stylish and wall-mounted waste bins. Sort and store your waste in a user-friendly and innovative system, which is designed with a multitude of small functions that make it simple, fast and clear to sort waste.

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Efficient waste sorting in your kitchen

In a busy everyday life, waste sorting is still an important part of our responsibility for the environment. With ReCollector's innovative, wall-mounted waste bins for the kitchen, waste sorting becomes simple, practical and stylish. Our products are designed to make it easy for you to contribute to a sustainable future.

Functional design

ReCollector's waste boxes are wall-mounted, because in many
homes can struggle with space for waste sorting under the kitchen sink or in kitchen drawers. Waste sorting should be easy and can be an integral part of your kitchen design. Our products are created with consideration for both aesthetics and functionality.

Innovative sorting

ReCollector's litter boxes are designed with small features,
which makes waste sorting easier. Opening is easy, and a standard bag of 15L fits perfectly into a ReCollector box, where the food waste can be easily and quickly stored out of the way in the airtight boxes. The box is also easy to click off and take with you when the waste needs to be emptied.

User-friendly and easy

Through behavioral studies, we have asked many people,
made observations and focus group interviews, and therefore learned about barriers and irritations when sorting waste. We have used that knowledge to create a user-friendly system that makes waste sorting as uncomplicated as possible.

Durable and in recycled plastic

ReCollector's waste box is produced in recycled plastic
from industrial waste, and the waste box can also be recycled, as we do not add other plastic materials in production. We think circular economy into all our processes and try to minimize our climate footprint as much as possible.
Therefore, our production of the waste box is in Denmark, with which we reduce CO2 consumption during transport and ensure proper working conditions and documentation.

Easy installation

It is easy to integrate our wall-mounted litter box into your kitchen. Installation requires only 4 screws, a spirit level and a pencil. The wall-mounted waste bins for the kitchen are more than just waste bins. They are made to make waste sorting easy and practical. With the stylish design, intuitive sorting system and innovative functions, you can easily get started with a more sustainable lifestyle.