Waste bin

A stylish and functional waste bin for the modern home

Are you looking for new waste bins that can both make waste sorting a little more manageable, while also fitting in with your home? Then ReCollector is guaranteed to be the solution you've been looking for.
ReCollector designs both stylish and functional waste sorting bins that make it easy for you to sort your waste - and they are also made of recyclable plastic.

ReCollector waste bins

An indispensable part of every stylish home

It is rare that the purchase of a new waste bin is at the top of our to-do list. However, a waste bin, or dustbin, is an essential part of any home - and is perhaps one of the most underrated kitchen elements. It is the waste bin that both ensures that we can keep the home clean, while also preventing the smell of rubbish from spreading.

In addition, the new environmentally conscious, streamlined sorting criteria for household waste and household-like commercial waste help to increase the need for more than one waste bin in the home. However, it can be difficult to find space for all waste containers under the sink or on the floor - and this can actually be the reason that not everyone gets their waste sorted correctly.

It should be easy to take good care of our environment

Here at ReCollector, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to sort your waste. We do this both because we know how important a waste bin is to maintain a clean and tidy home, at the same time as we have a mission that we must help each other to take better care of the environment.

That is why all the waste bins are also made of recyclable plastic. In addition, ReCollector is also produced in Denmark, so proper working conditions, documentation and low transport are ensured - and in this way both recirculation and responsibility become pervasive in the foundation on which Recollector is built.

A sorting system that can be adapted to your home and your needs

ReCollector also solves the problem of space by offering waste bins for indoor use that are hung on the wall. They are waste bins for sorting because, with their wall-mounted function, you can create your own sorting system that is both easily accessible and that neither steals space under the sink nor on the floor.
They are also all designed with a simple and stylish look, and are available in eight different colours. They can therefore, with both their functionality and modern and stylish look, fit into any home.

Functionality as a basic ingredient

A Recollector waste bin consists of an inner and outer box, where the inner box is tilted out with a slight pressure on the bottom. It is therefore not a waste bin with a lid, which also means that you can be sure that it closes completely tightly and thus ensures that the smell remains in the waste bin itself.

The inner box can also be clamped using the rear handle so that it remains open, which makes it easy to get food waste, for example, directly into the box when peeling and cutting.

All waste bins are 12 liters and fit a standard 20 L waste bag, but can be used both with or without a bag. They are easy and quick to clean in the kitchen sink under the tap with soap and water. It is a simple and practical solution to a complex climate problem - and it is a good starting point for an easier, more modern and greener everyday life.