Alle rum

Vidste du, at ReCollectors populære spande i genanvendt plast også kan bruges til andre formål i hjemmet?

De funktionelle og dansk designede spande er ideelle til opbevaring. Det tidløse design og udvalget af farver gør boksen anvendelig i alle hjemmets rum.

Use the stylish boxes in all rooms

Storage that is stylish

The box simply needs to be mounted on the wall and adjusted according to how you want to organize. You can choose to purchase one of our specially designed floating shelves, which

The box is ideal for the children's room , which often contains all kinds of toys. All the small parts and figures, drawing tools and the like can be easily sorted in the wall-hung storage box, which comes with a user-friendly open/close function.

The box is also essential in the living room, where you can organize everything from knitting and magazines to games, cables and chargers.

When everything has its place, it makes the cleaning process much easier and more manageable.

If you are thinking of organizing your kitchen , the stylish boxes can be used for much more than organizing household waste. For example, try storing kitchen textiles, cleaning products or cookbooks in there to create clean lines that give peace of mind.