Our design philosophy

We design our products BASED ON 4 PARAMETERS, WHICH ENSURE a well-thought-out design.


We have spent a lot of time investigating and understanding needs, wishes and requirements, and this has been the starting point for the development of ReCollector.

ReCollector was created out of need and contains a multitude of small functions that are intended to remove the barriers that make waste sorting time-consuming, difficult and unmanageable.

The patented solution makes waste sorting easy and practical.


ReCollector is designed based on Nordic style with its simplicity, straight lines and subdued earth tones.

In our current collection, we bring the colors of nature into the home, as it creates peace and security, especially at a time when everything outside can feel uncertain.

The design is wall-hung to accommodate the lack of space under the kitchen sink, where waste is often stored.

In addition, we also believe that waste sorting is an important part of a green agenda and should be promoted. We have chosen the design and colors so that the ReCollector can adorn the wall.


The ReCollector is tilted out with a light press on the bottom.
It is easy to open, even if the hands are dirty.

  • ReCollector can be used with or without a bag. The bag can be tightened by using the handles.
  • ReCollector fits a standard 20L waste bag.
  • The inner box can be clamped using the rear handle and can thereby be left open.
  • Easy and quick to clean in the kitchen sink.
  • The extra handle on the inner box makes it easy to carry several boxes at a time.
  • The design closes tightly and therefore the waste does not smell.


We want to produce our waste bin with the smallest possible climate footprint and therefore are:
  • ReCollector produced in recycled PP plastic from industrial waste and can be reused.
  • ReCollector Danish produced to ensure proper working conditions, documentation and low transport.
  • Our partners are specially selected based on their sustainable focus.

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"ReCollector has an important mission to take better care of our environment.

With products from ReCollector, it becomes easier for my family to sort our waste in a busy everyday life."

– Marie Møller