We work every day to make waste sorting easy, functional and stylish to ensure a more circular future.

Responsible production is about getting the best out of the earth's resources today, but doing so in a responsible way that neither harms the environment nor the opportunities of tomorrow's generations to meet their needs. One of the best things we can do is to recycle rather than throw away.

At ReCollector, responsibility is rooted in our DNA. From the very beginning, the responsible way of thinking has been the focal point and starting point. In relation to creating products, making decisions - and generally running a business. ReCollector has a strong focus on responsibility and tries to incorporate the circular economy into all decisions regarding purchases and business partners - and generally focus on products being recycled. We must do away with linear thinking and be more inspired by nature, where everything is circular.

When something happens in nature, it always forms part of a cycle and thus never becomes worthless trash. We humans have 'forgotten' to think circularly, which is the reason why we have huge landfills with waste or incinerators where we let the waste go up in smoke. We extract energy from the waste, so we get electricity and heat, but we have to do better. Our things are not included to a high enough degree in a circular system, where the resources can be used again and again and again.

The waste box is produced in recycled plastic. This means that for every ReCollector sorting box you hang on your wall, you help remove 2 kg from our common mountain of waste. Recycling plastic is complex and much plastic cannot be recycled because the materials are mixed up. Our sorting box consists of a pure plastic material and can therefore be given new life after use. Repeatedly.

At ReCollector, we create and produce through strategic collaboration partners, where knowledge, production methods and materials contribute to creating products with a minimal climate footprint, and which can be part of a circular production and consumption. With the products, we strive to promote better waste sorting and contribute to more sustainable cities and local communities.

"ReCollector has an important mission to take better care of our environment.

With products from ReCollector, it becomes easier for my family to sort our waste in a busy everyday life."

– Marie Møller