The bathroom: stylish, practical and hygienic

Create stylish and easy storage in your bathroom with our practical laundry basket. Organize your space with elegance.

Practical and hygienic

The bathroom is the room where we start our day and where both comfort and cleanliness are necessary. Therefore, it is crucial to have an interior that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and hygienic. Our wall mounted small box is designed to solve a common challenge in the bathroom; the toilet bowl on the floor. Traditional buckets collect dust, get in the way of cleaning and contribute to a less clean bathroom. Our box replaces this old-fashioned bucket with style and functionality. It is produced in recycled plastic and in the stylish Nordic colors fits into any bathroom design. The box is easy to mount with screws or suction cups on the wall.

The laundry box: style and functionality in one

Laundry is part of our daily routine, and it is important to have an effective solution to deal with the dirty clothes. Our wall-hung laundry box is an elegant and practical way to handle your laundry. The laundry box can also be placed elsewhere in the house where laundry appears. Consider placing it in the bedroom, hallway or teen's room. With its stylish design and a selection of Nordic colours, it fits into any interior style. Sort your dirty clothes in the practical box and get more floor space and easier cleaning. The laundry box is produced in FSC-certified wood, which means that for every tree that is cut down for production, a new one is planted, thus minimizing our climate footprint.

An organized everyday life

Both our small box for the bathroom and the laundry box are more than just storage solutions. It's a way to make your everyday life more organized and hygienic. With recycled materials and FSC-certified wood, we focus on the climate footprint, and our products are both an investment in a cleaner future and a well-organized everyday life.