Storage in the entrance hall

Finding the right storage solutions for a small entrance can sometimes be a challenge. If you're looking for new entryway storage, you should take a look at ReCollector's smart wall-mounted boxes, which are perfect for storage.

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Opbevaring i entreen

Entrance decoration and storage go hand in hand

If you are tired of clutter in the entrance hall, you should consider whether your current storage solutions are the right ones - if you have any storage. Storing shoes in a small hallway is often something that causes problems. If you tend to "throw" your shoes in a random place as soon as you walk in the door, it can quickly end in mess and chaos.

When it comes to small rooms, it is important to utilize every square meter in an optimal way, so that it is both pleasing to the eye and creates a relaxed atmosphere.

With ReCollector's wall-hung boxes, you have the opportunity to put together your very own wall system in a stylish and minimalist way. The boxes can hold a bit of everything, and can be used for everything from storing shoes, hats and gloves, bags and bicycle lights.

The timeless design makes it possible to furnish any home with a sense of style and an eye for Danish design. The boxes are designed in Denmark. The boxes also work perfectly for storage in a narrow hallway, where floor space is often at a premium. The patented boxes, which are produced in recycled plastic, have a particularly user-friendly open/close mechanism that both children and adults can learn to use.

The ReCollector box also consists of an inner drawer with a handle, which can be easily removed for cleaning.

If you choose to mount two or more boxes next to each other, you can advantageously purchase one of our beautiful floating shelves in FSC-certified pine wood.

Inspiration for storage in the entrance hall

There is nothing better than having control and an overview of your things. It can be a challenge to find space for everything in a small hallway, and sometimes you have to get creative. Below we have collected a few ideas for what you can use ReCollector's wall-mounted boxes for. Buy storage for your entrance hall here on this page and start organizing the entrance hall again.

Keep hats and gloves out of the way

As a family with children, it can be difficult to keep order in the small items of clothing, such as hats, gloves and scarves. Imagine being on your way out the door in the morning and you can't find the gloves for junior, who is going to kindergarten. With the right entryway storage, you can overcome this frustration. Create peace and order in the entrance hall with a smart ReCollector box, which simply needs to be mounted on the wall.

Storage of shoes in the hall

Shoes are always the biggest challenge in small homes. If you are the lucky owner of a small entrance hall, it is important to use the space in the best possible way.

A wall-hung piece of furniture provides more air and at the same time makes cleaning the floor easier. Depending on the shoe size and shoe type, there is room for approx. 2 pairs of shoes in one box.

Get control of wires, lights etc.

Chargers, extra cables, bicycle lights and the like are indispensable, but not exactly the prettiest thing to have lying around if you want a minimalistic and inviting entrance. Our storage box is perfect for storing all the small parts that often tend to lie around.

Take good care of the bags

If you have all your handbags hanging on a hook in the entrance hall, you can store them in a closed box.ReCollectorswall-hung plastic box is ideal for smaller handbags, and at the same time you create a stylish and minimalist look by removing things that are not immediately used.

The storage place for shoe care products

Store impregnation spray, shoe cleaner, shoe deodorant and the like in a smart and stylish box. Shoe care products are indispensable if you want to take good care of your shoes - and why not store the products so that they are within reach and can be easily accessed?

Storage in the hallway

Do you lack ideas for storage in the hallway? You can easily fit several storage boxes next to each other and supplement with our floating shelves for a cozy and stylish look.

Add a personal touch by placing small vases, candlesticks, pictures, children's creative creations or other trinkets on the shelves. Buy storage for the hallway on this page and look forward to a stylish expression when you, for example stores shoes in a small hallway.