Storage for the office

If you are looking for an alternative to the office cupboard, you can easily install the wall-hung storage boxes from ReCollector. The boxes are perfect for the small home office, where space is typically in short supply.

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Opbevaring til kontoret

Office storage in Danish design

Are you lucky enough to have an extra small room that you can use for a home office? But do you find it challenging to find the right furniture for storage? If you are a fan of stylish and minimalistic solutions, the storage boxes in recycled plastic will certainly go down well at home. At ReCollector you will find an exquisite collection of innovative boxes, which possess a number of smart functions that make sorting and organizing a breeze - in other words, they are ideal for office storage.

The box is equipped with a smart open/close mechanism, where you simply press it into the bottom. In other words, this is an ideal choice when it comes to office storage.

Choose from a range of neutral and discreet colors that fit into any home with a penchant for Nordic decor. Flashy colors may not be at the top of the list of colors that are allowed to adorn the office. You can choose to combine the colors and the number of boxes exactly as you wish.

It is about making use of the walls and ceiling height if the space is tight. A wall-hung piece of furniture is the ideal solution, which provides plenty of air on the floor, which also makes cleaning much easier. Buy storage for the office at ReCollector and get control of the organization of all your office supplies so that they are always within reach.

Inspiration for office organization

Get control of your office organization with the elegant and functional boxes from ReCollector. In order to create a proper atmosphere in the home office, it is important to arrange the room so that you feel comfortable and can easily access the various documents, office supplies and whatever else you want to store.

Keep the documents in order

Maybe you have a number of documents lying around that shouldn't just be floating around. Either way, it looks unmanageable to have a bunch of pieces of paper floating around on the desk. You can easily organize paper, documents, pads and notebooks in the smart boxes.

Perfect storage for small items

Cords, rolls of tape, extra pens, clippers and the like always end up lying on the front of the desk. But why not hide it out of the way? The plastic boxes are ideal for storing all the little things that you never know where to put them.

Get extra space for personal trinkets

If you choose to mount 2 or more boxes next to each other, it will be obvious to complement one of our beautiful floating shelves on top. The shelves are produced in FSC-certified wood, which is your guarantee of an environmentally friendly product, where the forest and social working conditions are taken into account. The pine adds a warm and timeless look to the room, and there is now plenty of opportunity to display some of your favorite decorations.

It can, for example, be a few candlesticks, some homemade ceramics, photographs from the summer holidays or creative pursuits from the children.

The possibilities are many, and only your imagination sets limits on how you choose to use yoursReCollectorboxes for office storage.