A smart solution for the toys in the children's room

The children's room is the center of play and creativity, but it can also quickly become a worse mess. Our wall-mounted storage box is the smart solution that helps you and makes it easy for your child to organize and maximize the floor space in the children's room.

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Toys in Focus

With ReCollector's wall-mounted storage boxes, you can keep
control the toy in an easy and fun way. The different sizes of the boxes are designed to accommodate different types of toys, from small cars to dolls and teddy bears. This makes it easy and fun for the children to use - and it also makes it much easier to find the toy again.

Mobile storage

One of the great advantages of ReCollector's wall-mounted boxes is
their mobility. The children can easily click the box off the wall bracket and take it with them and continue the game elsewhere. This makes it easy for the children to take their favorite toys with them on visits – or just into the living room. You don't have to worry about the toys spreading around the house, as the 'toy' can be quickly and easily assembled in the box and taken back to the wall bracket.

Sorting and space saving

ReCollector's storage boxes allow children to
create more floor space in the children's room. Hanging the boxes on the wall frees up floor space that can be used for playing, dancing or expressing creativity. In addition, you can use the boxes to sort toys by type or size, which makes it easier to keep order and prevent things from getting lost.

A nice and practical one for the children's room

ReCollector's wall-mounted storage boxes are not only
practical - they also look good. They are available in different colors and sizes to suit any child's room. You can even let the children choose their favorite colors, making the storage solution part of their personal space. The wall-hung storage boxes are the ideal solution for organizing toys and creating more space in the children's room. The boxes are easy to click off and take with you, and are ideal for sorting the toys, so that your children have an easier overview of where they have their things.


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