Storage in kitchen

If you are the owner of a small kitchen, you probably know all the challenges around finding space. At ReCollector you can buy storage for the kitchen and home without compromising on appearance, functionality or ease of use.

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Get more space for storage in the kitchen

Do you dream of more space to store things in the kitchen that don't necessarily need to be in front of you? Small spaces tend to look much more cluttered than larger spaces - and the same goes for small kitchens.

Instead of having the unused dishcloths or cleaning products standing out, it is much smarter to store them in a closed environment. In this way, the eye rests, and the room appears more stylish and minimalistic.

With a storage box from ReCollector, you get a stylish solution that makes everyday life easier and more manageable. Our boxes are designed to hang on the wall, which gives more floor space and makes cleaning easier.

The colors are carefully selected to suit any home and contribute to a calming atmosphere. The muted colors can easily be mixed crosswise if desired.

The boxes are designed to make sorting easier in a busy everyday life. There is nothing better than having an overview of things and being able to take action on them as soon as they are needed. Every little detail on the box has been thought through, and the open/close mechanism is easy to use for the whole family.

Storage for the kitchen - inspiration

How can the boxes be used for storage in the kitchen, you might be thinking? We have collected a number of tips and ideas for how you can organize your kitchen with the patented boxes from ReCollector.

Keep the cleaning products out of the way

The storage boxes are ideal for housing your cleaning products, brushes and sponges, which rarely look pretty when they are displayed in the open kitchen. Wet sponges and brushes should not be stored in the box, but as soon as they are dry, you can easily put them in there.

Storage of kitchen textiles

Perhaps you are used to having kitchen textiles lying out front. But why not store unused tea towels, dish cloths, pot holders and oven mitts in a smart storage box from ReCollector? The box is perfectly suited for kitchen textiles that tend to get dusty if they are left on a kitchen shelf.

Get control of your cookbooks and magazines

Some choose to have food magazines or cookbooks standing in the kitchen, which looks inspiring and cosy. But if you find the pile of books piling up, you can easily add extra storage. The boxes can cleverly hold smaller cookbooks and magazines, and best of all, they are within reach without being visible.

Supplement with a floating shelf

Add extra charm and coziness with a floating shelf made of pine wood. The wooden shelf is specially designed to be mounted on top of two boxes placed next to each other. There is room here for tealight holders, a small ceramic vase, wooden figure or whatever other favorite decorations you have that need to be displayed.

Storage under the kitchen sink

You are not alone if the space under the kitchen sink is a big mess. Why not get rid of the mess and organize the various things in boxes and make the best use of the space? Start by clearing out and make up with yourself what you want under the kitchen sink. Our boxes are suitable for e.g. for storing waste bags, washing-up liquid and tabs, rinse aid, cloths and cleaning agents.