Storage in children's room

Is the toy always floating around on the floor? If you are looking for a smart way to store children's toys, here you will find a selection of practical and discreet boxes from ReCollector, which can hold everything from figurines to drawing tools.

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Does the children's room lack storage? It is typically the very small parts that are most annoying to clean up. But fortunately, there is an easy and practical solution that can accommodate it all, which makes cleaning up a somewhat easier process.

At ReCollector you can buy storage for the children's room. Our patented wall-hung recycling boxes can be cleverly used for storing toys. The boxes are perfect for smaller children's rooms, as they don't take up space on the floor, which means more room to romp around.

The boxes are available in a selection of calm colors that fit perfectly into any Nordic home. The stylish buckets are designed with a smart open/close mechanism which is easy to operate - even for smaller children.

Are you looking for the perfect toy storage boxes that are both discreet and wall-mounted? Then we can safely guarantee that you will be happy with ReCollector's stylish boxes, which can be easily adapted to your home and needs.

Storage for the children's room - inspiration

Do you lack inspiration for how you can use the boxes in the interior of the children's room? Here you will get some tips for the interior, while also getting rid of the mess. Buy storage for the toys at ReCollector and open your eyes to the many possibilities that come with the functional boxes that are produced from recycled plastic.

Combine multiple boxes together

You can easily combine 2, 4 or more boxes together, and in that way create a whole system that covers your child's different types of toys. The large selection of colors means that you are sure to find a shade that fits into the decor.

Mount floating shelf on top

Use the box's full potential by mounting one of our beautiful floating shelves on top. The shelf is made of FSC-certified pine, which adds a homely and warm atmosphere to the room. The floating shelf is perfect for displaying and storing toys such as favorite cars, jewelery boxes, music boxes or figurines. You can also place a smaller plant, a few pictures or other small trinkets.

Storage for toys - inspiration

There are no limits to which toys the boxes can hold - as long as they can fit through the opening, the only limit is the imagination. Here are some ideas for what your child can put in the boxes:

  • Toy cars
  • Figures e.g. animals, dinosaurs or action heroes
  • Barbie dolls as well as clothes and accessories
  • Doll clothes and accessories
  • Costume clothing
  • Lego bricks
  • Toy weapons
  • Plastic furniture and figures for the dollhouse
  • Play makeup and decorations
  • Drawing tools, e.g. pencils, colours, rulers, scissors and
  • glue
  • Smaller books and pixie books
  • Coloring books
  • Building blocks
  • Playmobil

Organize with pictograms

Some children, especially the smaller ones, benefit greatly from pictograms which illustrate where the various toys should be placed. In this way, order and an overview are created, so that the child can easily put the toys away after playing.

You can easily stick pictogram stickers on the ReCollector boxes and at the same time retain the stylish look. Look for stickers with a transparent background and place them e.g. in the bottom corner of the front of the box.

Make cleaning a breeze

As soon as you have the toy storage under control, it is a good idea to introduce the child to the new solution and get into a good, fixed routine, so that the clean-up goes like clockwork. Smaller children need a fixed routine with manageable tasks that are appropriate for their age. Therefore, it may be a good idea to clean up a little along the way rather than waiting for a larger clean-up in the evening.
Storage boxes are worth their weight in gold, and this is where ReCollector's smart toy storage comes into play.

Clean up on time and make it a competition

Make cleaning up a breeze. See who can put all the figures in the box first, or who can have the most Lego blocks in their hands. Put on some music and make sure your child has a good experience. Try to take your time and see how quickly you can clean up together.
As the child gets older, you can put more responsibility on the child's shoulders. Perhaps the child is prepared to dust larger surfaces of e.g. once a week. The boxes are extremely easy to clean. All that is needed is a dry microfiber cloth to remove the dust that has accumulated on the top. If a floating shelf is fitted, they can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth.