The challenges of recycled plastic

Recycling plastic has many challenges. This is not least due to the fact that there are many different types of plastic that are used for products and packaging.

When we sort plastic waste separately in our bin, the many different types of plastic are mixed together. If new products are then made from the mixed plastic, the plastic cannot be reused, but if a pure plastic such as polypropylene is used for new products, the plastic can subsequently be reused.

At ReCollector, we produce our sorting boxes in recycled plastic and pure polypropylene. We have succeeded in using recycled plastic for our sorting boxes, also for the bright colours. It is difficult and also the reason why we see a lot of recyclable plastic in black or dark colors. Fortunately, a lot is happening in the area of ​​recycled plastic, so we also hope that one day we can get our recyclable plastic from Denmark rather than picking it up in Italy, where we buy industrial waste.

We remove 2kg of plastic from the mountain of waste when we produce a Recollector waste box. We are super proud of that.