Denmark's waste collection and a nice walk outside

Spring is upon us, even if the temperatures haven't quite arrived. It might be tempting to stay inside in the heat, but we all benefit from a nice walk in nature - and this weekend you can join in when the whole of Denmark collects waste in nature. This year there is a special focus on waste from take-away. Unfortunately, plastic cutlery, coffee cups, straws and other disposable packaging lie in nature to the detriment of the environment and animals. That is why Denmark's Nature Conservation Society proposes to put a pledge on disposable packaging in order to add value to it. It should help to motivate the Danes to hand it in in the same way as we hand in our cans and bottles. You don't find many of them in nature.

The annual waste collection in Denmark is a good opportunity to have a nice walk with the family and talk about where waste belongs. But also how to recycle waste and how we all have to take care of nature. In this way, it will also be wonderful to go on walks for future generations.

In our family, we find it a great feeling to collect litter on our walks. Not only that we can enjoy a lot of fresh spring air, but also with a clear conscience and the feeling of making a difference. So it's just a matter of getting going. Take your ReCollector - or just some waste bags - with you for a walk and make it a competition to collect waste. It gives a walk with a fun twist and the more of us who clean up nature, the more beautiful and cleaner nature we get.