New color in the assortment

ReCollector's collection has long consisted of eight different colors, but now the long-awaited ninth color is ready: Nordic Sunset!

ReCollector's colors are not randomly selected. We use a lot of earth colors in our collection. The earth colors reflect nature, and it creates a calm and a sense of security when we bring nature into the home, and it can also be a counterpoint to all the unsafe and unpredictable things that happen out in the world.

Our new color Nordic Sunset makes a little more noise. It is inspired by the wild colors that are seen in the sky once in a while when the sun rises. In terms of colour, it can be a powerful experience. Nordic Sunset can easily be mixed and matched with the other colors in our collection, but the orange gives more edge than the other colors. In the home, the color will stand out more and stand out a little more than the colors we otherwise use in our kitchen, hallway or utility room, and thus also sends a strong statement via the color that we sort waste here.

We have already received really good feedback on the color and we are looking forward to continuously sending out different styles for inspiration.