Pizza tray sorting

Pizza trays must be thrown in the container with residual waste - alternatively, you can hand them in at the recycling station as small combustibles. Perhaps you are wondering why the pizza trays should not be thrown away with cardboard waste, the trays are made of cardboard. Pizza trays contain both food and oil residues, which can destroy the clean cardboard and paper in the container if they are thrown away as cardboard and paper waste. That is why it is important to sort your pizza trays correctly, as otherwise the clean cardboard and paper risk having to be thrown away.

What happens to the discarded pizza trays?

When you hand in your trays as small combustibles, they will be burned at a waste-to-energy plant along with all other waste that cannot be recycled. The heat generated during combustion is used for the production of electricity and district heating.

If you want to save the environment for pizza trays, you can make your own homemade pizza base with filling.