Recycled paper rocks!

In Denmark, our consumption of paper is falling, as we consume fewer house-delivered advertisements, newspapers and letters, and we use the internet to a much greater extent for the various services.

The fact that we use fewer resources for paper is positive, but by recycling the paper we can further save resources. For example, material consumption with recycled paper is reduced by 84% compared to new paper, water consumption is reduced by 77% and global warming is reduced by 52.5% (Source: Danish Environmental Protection Agency's calculations).

When running a business, you can also save a lot of paper by using the internet or sending a pdf rather than printing an entire booklet, but there are still areas where paper becomes a necessity. For example, we use stickers to help our customers with easier waste sorting. They are hard to replace. That is why we have chosen to have our paper materials printed by Denmark's most sustainable company KLSPureprint.

KLSPureprint is one of Denmark's largest printing companies, and they have chosen to follow the sustainable path. They have worked for many years to reduce
their environmental burdens. They drive electric cars, get electricity from wind turbines and have continuously replaced environmentally harmful chemicals with more sustainable materials. Through their targeted efforts, they achieved the world's toughest certifications, which is Cradle to Cradle. It's going really well!

We are happy to receive the finest and most sustainable print materials from KLSPureprint .