This year's Christmas gift idea

We all know the aunt, father or colleague who has everything... But do they have a handle on their waste sorting and are they ready to sort waste into 10 waste types before the end of 2022? ReCollector is our offer for a different and sustainable Christmas present for the people who have everything...

After the municipalities introduced waste sorting, in many Danish homes there is waste on the kitchen table, in the hallway or in the utility room. We lack space, we lack storage solutions and we lack easy solutions. That's how the idea for ReCollector came about.

ReCollector was created based on several anthropological observations, where Tenna (founder of ReCollector) visited several families in their homes to understand and see how they sorted waste or lacked waste sorting. What requirements did they have, what preferences and what wishes were there for a solution for waste sorting?

The study showed that lack of space was one of the biggest barriers to waste sorting. Our kitchens are not equipped to handle the large quantities of recyclable waste. Many kitchens are small, and the space is already fully utilized, so there is no room for more waste under, for example, the kitchen sink or in the kitchen drawers.

"At ReCollector, we therefore chose to create a design solution that could be hung on the wall. Many have space on the wall, behind the kitchen door, in the utility room or hallway. When you hang up your waste sorting rather than hiding it away behind a kitchen door, we have of course made sure that the waste box closes tightly, so that odors do not seep into the rest of the home." (Tenna Holdorff Christiansen)

In practice, we have gathered our knowledge from the anthropological studies in the product and tried in the best way to remove barriers and make waste sorting easy and manageable in everyday life. For example, ordinary standard waste bags fit the boxes. In addition, the box opens with a light push at the bottom. It is thus easy to get rid of the waste, and you do not have to open drawers, lids or doors with greasy fingers and/or hands full.

In addition to creating a different and more user-friendly system for waste sorting, we do not compromise on sustainability. ReCollector is therefore made of recycled plastic, which can be reused. It has been a tough nut to crack, as bright recycled plastic does not hang on the trees, but after many, many meetings and phone calls, we managed to get hold of recycled plastic. Read more here . Throughout the process, it has been important to create a product that is as sustainable as possible. The decision to produce in Denmark was therefore also easy. With production in Denmark, we can minimize transport and thus CO2, have a guarantee for proper working conditions and get documentation on the recycled plastic.

ReCollector's waste box must hang in front and therefore it does not have to look like a dustbin but a piece of stylish interior which decorates the home. In a Nordic look and muted calm colours, ReCollector fits easily into Danish homes with its straight lines and simplicity.

So please your friend, a family member or your boss with a sustainable Christmas gift that is guaranteed to make waste sorting easy, convenient and stylish.