Storage in the bathroom

Organize your bathroom with the stylish storage boxes from ReCollector. The wall-hung boxes are ideal for small bathrooms, where it can typically be a challenge to find space.

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An alternative to a wall cabinet in the bathroom

Are you tired of the big bulky wall cabinets where the door opens? It doesn't take much for small bathrooms to look messy, which is why it's important to think through every square meter to make the best use of the space. At ReCollector you will find both practical and stylish storage boxes that can hold a bit of everything. They are ideal for storing everything from cloths and smaller towels to hair styling tools, bath toys and cleaning products.

We know that bathroom design can be quite a challenge if you only have a few square meters to do well with. To create a more minimalist and stylish look, it is important to hide the small things out of the way. If you e.g. are used to having cleaning products standing next to the toilet, a ReCollector box in recycled plastic will be the perfect solution.

The boxes' timeless design means they fit into any home. The smart open/close mechanism is easy to operate for both children and adults, and the inner drawer can be easily removed if you need to clean it.

You can easily customize the boxes according to your own wishes and needs by mixing and matching the different colors. The colors are carefully selected to create a calming atmosphere in the home.

Wall-hung storage for the bathroom - inspiration

If you lack ideas for storage in small bathrooms, we have collected some tips on how to get rid of the mess and get the bathroom you've always dreamed of. Buy storage for the bathroom at ReCollector and start organizing and decorating the bathroom again.

A stylish alternative to the toilet bowl

Are you tired of the old toilet bucket that always gets in the way when you need to clean? Replace the classic toilet bin with a stylish, wall-mounted solution that is also odor-free. It is easy to change the litter bags and if the box needs cleaning, simply use a damp cloth with a little soap. Never has a toilet bin been so minimalistic and practical at the same time.

Storage of textiles

Washcloths, dishcloths, guest towels and smaller towels - we have them all, and they are not always the coolest thing to have lying around. Our boxes are the perfect solution for storing towels in the small bathroom. Towels are used several times a day, and therefore it is a good idea to have them within reach when they need to be changed weekly. The storage boxes can hold quite a few textiles, so you are always sure to have them close at hand.

Keep the cleaning products out of the way

Some choose to have cleaning products standing in the bathroom. It is not uncommon to find a toilet cleaner or a cleaning spray next to the toilet. But why not hide them out of the way and get more air around the toilet and at the same time create peace of mind? You can choose to dedicate an entire box to cleaning agents, cloths and brushes, which are only used when cleaning the bathroom.

Get to grips with the styling tools

Instead of hanging straighteners, curling irons or hair dryers on a hook in the room or in a box, you can choose to store them in a closed environment. The ReCollector box can hold all your styling tools, and they will always be within your reach.

The perfect hiding place for the ducks

As a family with small children, you probably know all about brightly colored bath ducks, balls, figures and other toys that are used in connection with bath time. Are you tired of them floating all over the floor, why not invest in a stylish bathroom storage solution? Create an overview of all the toys and make it a game when the children have to put all the toys in place after the bath.

Wall-hung storage hotel

With a small bathroom, storage is often a challenge. If you're one of those people who likes to buy in advance when some of your favorite skin care products go on sale, it can sometimes be difficult to find room for them. Because they shouldn't be in front when they haven't been opened.

Here tooReCollectorthe bucket the answer to your prayers. Whether you store shower gels, body lotions, hair shampoo or face creams, there is room for it all.

Installation of floating shelf

If you choose to hang two or more boxes next to each other, it is obvious to install one of our beautiful specially designed floating shelves, which come in different colours. The shelf is made of FSC-certified pine and adds extra charm and coziness to the room. You can e.g. place a small plant, a scented candle or some fine ceramics on the shelf and in this way make the bathroom interior even more personal.