Summer house often means nature, presence, relaxation and vacation. Waste sorting is the last thing that needs to be done on holiday. But the space is often tight in the summer house, which can present a challenge when sorting the waste in place. With ReCollector's wall-mounted waste boxes, you can easily sort both inside and outside in a stylish and smart solution. ReCollector is a Danish designed system of wall-hung waste boxes in beautiful colors that fit into any decor and make it easy and clear to sort your waste.

Do you need a smart and space-saving way to sort your waste in the cottage? Then the ReCollector system is for you!

ReCollector has many advantages:

✔️ Save space under the kitchen sink or on the floor
✔️ Makes it easy and clear to sort your waste
✔️ Practical opening and closing mechanism
✔️ No odor nuisance and easy to clean
✔️ Danish design and Danish production

You can order our boxes for waste sorting here and get 15% with the discount code Sologstrand2023 and have them delivered right to your door.

If you order before 12 noon, you will have the waste boxes the next day.