Waste sorting kitchen

Inspiration for easy and stylish waste sorting in the kitchen

Sorting waste is one of the easiest ways in which we can act more environmentally conscious in our everyday lives and thereby help take good care of our planet. Waste is an inevitable part of life, and our kitchen is probably the room where the most of it is created.

In addition, sorting our waste requires more than a waste bin, and it can take up valuable floor space in our kitchen. So, although creating a good waste sorting system for one's kitchen is not immediately the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to decorating the room, it is a really good place to start when you want to make shopping more easy environmentally conscious. Read along here and get inspiration for how you can create an efficient and stylish kitchen waste system.

Where is there space for your waste bins?

It may seem difficult to have to sort waste if the space in your kitchen is tight. However, there is no reason to compromise with your environmental awareness, despite the small areas on which to display it or the lack of built-in solutions. It's about seeing solutions rather than limitations - and with the right waste bins for the kitchen, this becomes an extremely easy and fun task.

With waste bins from ReCollector, the possibilities are many, because they are wall-mounted - it is actually only your imagination that sets limits on how you can create your very own waste sorting system. However, if you need a little inspiration to get started, you will find solutions for waste systems for the kitchen below.

Use the space in your kitchen cupboards

The space under the sink is, and has always been, an obvious place for our waste bins in the kitchen. This is due, among other things, to the fact that this place is always close to where the rubbish originates, at the same time as kitchen cupboards are often built for it. Having a bin in the kitchen cupboard is therefore not unknown, but it may not always be easy to see how there should be space for waste sorting in our kitchen cupboards.

ReCollector offers wall-mounted waste bins for the kitchen - and these can be used on any vertical surface. In this way, it becomes easier to create waste systems in your kitchen cupboards, as you can hang one or more waste bins on your doors. If there is no space for all your waste bins under the kitchen sink, you can also dedicate other nearby cupboards to waste sorting - or you can think in completely different ways.

Put your wall space to good use

ReCollector waste bins are precisely designed to hang on the wall, because many do not have the space under the kitchen sink or in kitchen cupboards, and we therefore offer a solution for waste sorting in the other cubic meters of the kitchen. Using the wall space allows you to create a waste sorting system that makes sense for you. Here, if space permits, you can have all your waste bins in one place, which makes it both easy and clear to sort food waste, residual waste, cans, glass and everything else apart.

Another option is to hang your waste bins on the wall above the kitchen table, so that you move your waste sorting in the kitchen cupboard to other unused areas of your kitchen. A third option is to make use of the door(s), which also offer unused space. You can also hang waste bins for the "wet" waste on the wall space closest to the sink - and take other wall space in either the kitchen, but also other rooms, such as the utility room, in use for the "dry" waste.

Make the waste bins part of your interior in the kitchen

When you need to create an effective waste sorting system for the kitchen, it doesn't just have to be functional. It can easily also be a stylish move. All ReCollector's waste bins are - with their simplicity, straight lines and muted earth colors - designed based on Nordic style and therefore fit well into any room.

ReCollector's waste bins do not immediately look like a bin, which is why they can be used to decorate your kitchen. You can also choose the waste bins in the colour(s) that match the rest of the room. In this way, you will barely notice that your waste bins have moved out into the kitchen - and it is regardless of whether you have waste sorting in a small kitchen, in the kitchen cupboard or have distributed it on both visible and non-visible surfaces.