Waste sorting indoors

In the last few years, there has been a great focus on waste sorting and recycling of household waste - and the rules for waste sorting have been changed a few times. To date, each individual household must divide their waste into nine fractions, which are then collected by waste disposal workers. The nine fractions are food, cardboard, glass, paper, metal, plastic, food and drink cartons, residual waste and hazardous waste.
Many citizens have expressed that they would like to sort their waste, but that it is a challenge before it is thrown into the containers. There is, so to speak, a lack of a smart system that can facilitate indoor waste sorting and get more people to sort their rubbish without problems.

Lack of space - the biggest challenge

Imagine that you have arranged your kitchen so that it plays - everything has its fixed place and it is probably optimized according to your daily needs. But suddenly you have to sort even more waste. The aesthetic expression that you have spent a long time achieving is now destroyed by boxes, garbage bags or other temporary solutions. Where should you dispose of all the waste before it is thrown into the container?
If you want to maintain a simple and aesthetic look in your home, it can be advantageous to think about wall-mounted solutions. In this way, you avoid having buckets standing on the floor at the same time that the top of the wall-mounted container can be used to store, for example, cups, vases or keys.
With a wall-mounted solution from Danish ReCollector, you get a waste system with a clear and stylish appearance, which you can put together according to your needs and interior design - only your imagination sets the limits. The waste bins come in a multitude of colors that fit into any Nordic home with a focus on functionality and aesthetics.
2 kg of recycled plastic is used for the production of a bucket, which means that the climate is not exposed to large CO2 footprints in connection with the production of new plastic. You can therefore buy your new waste bins with a clear conscience towards the climate.

Change your habits and routines with a stylish system

As with anything new, it requires an adjustment of the usual habits and routines. For some it can be a challenge, but as soon as you have a smart usable system - which also looks stylish - you are much more likely to change habits.
Think about the location of the waste bins, as this will make sorting significantly easier. Most waste is often a nuisance in the kitchen, so here it is obvious to have a bin for food waste, metal, plastic and food and drink cartons within close reach. The entrance hall is also a good choice for a location for, for example, the paper bin.
If you have children, it is a good idea to introduce them to the system, so that you share your indoor waste sorting. Here you can advantageously mount ReCollector's transparent stickers, so that the children can easily keep track of which types of waste go in each individual bin.

Go for an odorless solution

Another aspect that makes indoor waste sorting a hassle is the smell and cleaning of the bins. Unless you take out all the waste every night, an odor can quickly form - especially in the summer months - which can be a big nuisance for the indoor environment in the home.
Food waste, food and drink cartons as well as glass or metal that have contained food can quickly start to smell when they are lying side by side. You can advantageously go for waste containers that are airtight and easy to clean.
In a busy everyday life, few people want to spend time washing several different waste bins, and to facilitate this process, ReCollector's bins are easy and quick to clean in the kitchen sink.