Waste sorting of hard plastic

Hard plastic must be sorted in the container with plastic waste. However, there are certain types of hard plastic that must not be thrown in the container at home, but instead the plastic must be handed in at the recycling station.

The reason we sort hard plastic waste is that the plastic can be melted into small plastic balls, which are subsequently used in the production of, for example, plastic furniture, hangers, clothes and shoes. Remember that the more you sort at home, the more resources can be recycled - to the great benefit of the planet.

It is important to scrape and empty the plastic packaging as much as you can. It is not necessary to clean with soap - just use a little water to rinse the packaging free of the worst dirt.

Examples of hard plastic that must be thrown in the container at home

  • Meat trays
  • Plastic can
  • Plastic bottles
  • Packaging from washing-up liquid
  • Ketchup bottles
  • Yogurt cups

Examples of hard plastic that must be handed in at the recycling station

  • Hazardous waste such as toilet cleaner, harsh cleaning agents, hand sanitizer bottles
  • Patio furniture
  • Plastic toys (without batteries)
  • Flower hills
  • Buckets and tubs

"Waste sorting can vary from municipality to municipality, so if you are in doubt about how to dispose of your waste in your particular municipality, you can always ask at the local recycling station."