Waste sorting of fluorescent tubes

If you have old LED fluorescent tubes lying around, it is important to throw them into the correct container when they are to be disposed of. Fluorescent tubes should not be thrown away at home, but you should instead take them to your local recycling station. When you hand in your fluorescent tubes or other light sources, they must be dry and without packaging.

LED fluorescent tubes must be delivered in the container marked "fluorescent tubes" or "hazardous waste". Always remember to consult with an employee if you are in doubt about where your old waste should go. That way, you get it out of the way in a safe and sound manner.

LED fluorescent tubes waste sorting - This happens with your old fluorescent tubes

Correct waste sorting of fluorescent tubes is extremely important, as the tubes may contain mercury, which requires proper handling. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the majority of the old fluorescent tubes are recycled. As soon as the mercury is removed, the glass and metal are remelted so that new parts can be made. Every time you hand in your old LED fluorescent tubes or other light sources, you save the environment from CO2, as energy and resources do not have to be used for the production of brand new parts.