Waste sorting of CDs

CDs (and DVDs) are made of several materials that cannot be recycled and must therefore be thrown in the container with residual waste. If the CD still works, it is always a good idea to hand it in to a thrift store or in the recycling container at the recycling station - maybe someone else can benefit from your old CD collection.

A CD consists of polycarbonate, the surface of which is coated with a color and a reflective material.

Before you throw away your old, broken CDs, always remember to sort the cover in the correct waste container. The cover is usually made of plastic, and therefore must be in the plastic container. Inside the cover there is usually a piece of paper which shows the front and back of the CD - this is sorted in the paper container.

CD waste sorting - what happens to your old CDs?

As soon as you have disposed of your old broken CDs in residual waste, they will be burned together with all other residual waste in the incinerator. You save the environment a large amount of CO2, as the combustion creates energy, which is used for the production of heat and electricity.