Waste sorting of polystyrene

Polystyrene, also known as flamingo or EPS (expanded polystyrene), is a highly recyclable product that can be thrown in the container with residual waste. The best thing you can do, however, is to hand the polystyrene over to the recycling center - and especially if it concerns larger quantities. You hand over the polystyrene in the container to Flamingo - if you are in doubt, just ask an employee.
To make polystyrene waste sorting more manageable at home, you can possibly have a container that is used exclusively for old products that contain polystyrene.

Reduce CO2 emissions with polystyrene waste sorting

When polystyrene is recycled, it is broken down and then used in the production of new polystyrene. It can also be used in e.g. flower trays and garden furniture.
Because every time you hand in old products with polystyrene, you are doing the environment and the climate a great service. CO2 emissions are reduced because the same amount of energy is not used to convert old polystyrene as if it had to be produced from scratch.