Waste sorting of ceramics

When disposing of old ceramics, it is important to sort in the correct container at home. You might think that ceramics should be in the container with glass, but this is not the case. Instead, ceramics must be sorted as hazardous waste at home. If you do not have a container for hazardous waste, you must take a trip past the recycling site, where the ceramics are thrown into the container for plaster and stoneware/porcelain. Always remember to ask an employee at the recycling center if you are in doubt about waste sorting of ceramics.

Therefore, waste sorting of ceramics is important

Ceramics cannot be recycled in the same way as glass, and therefore it is important that you dispose of your old and broken ceramics properly. You can risk destroying an entire fraction of glass.
When you hand in your old ceramics to the recycling site, it is used for the production of mineral wool products for insulation.