Waste sorting of light bulbs

When you get rid of your old light sources, it is important that you sort correctly, as it is hazardous waste. As a rule, light bulb waste must be sorted and delivered to the recycling station. For the sake of the environment, proper light bulb waste sorting is important.

There is a difference in how you sort LED bulbs and energy saving bulbs. In some municipalities, you will be given a red bin for hazardous waste. If you have any old energy-saving light bulbs, you must put them in the container for hazardous waste.
LED bulbs do not contain mercury, like energy-saving bulbs, and therefore do not require the same careful handling. However, they must still be sorted according to waste sorting for light bulbs and delivered to the recycling station.

Light bulb waste sorting in the home

Every year, several tons of energy-saving light bulbs are thrown into the wrong bin, which harms the environment. Therefore, make sure you have some good sorting options at home. If you do not have a bin for hazardous waste, you can e.g. put the bulbs in a container until you pass the recycling station.