Waste sorting of tinfoil

Tinfoil, also called aluminum foil and silver paper, must be sorted in the container with metal waste. When recycling tinfoil, it is important that the tinfoil is clean. If there are remnants of food that cannot be scraped off, or other dirt, the tinfoil must be thrown away as residual waste, after which it will be burned in an incinerator. The heat from the fire is used for new heat and electricity.

Tin foil can be reused as long as you sort correctly. Here it is remelted, together with other iron and metal, and used in the production of new pig iron. It is also possible to drop off tinfoil at the recycling station.

Although it may seem pointless with tinfoil waste sorting in the home, you have to keep in mind the big picture. The more people who sort correctly, the more tinfoil and metal can be recycled.

Alternatives to silver paper

Silver paper is hugely resource-intensive to produce, and therefore you can advantageously replace the metal paper with a far more environmentally friendly alternative. If you want to get rid of the silver paper, you can use plastic buckets to store your food or leftovers. It is also recommended to use a food box instead of the classic silver foil and freezer bag.