Waste sorting of cat litter

Perhaps you have thought several times: Where do you throw out cat litter? It may be that you have been inclined to think that cat litter should be in some form of biological waste, but in fact cat litter waste should be sorted as residual waste. This means that cat litter must go in the container with residual waste.

Residual waste is characterized as what remains after all recyclable and environmentally hazardous waste has been sorted out. When cat litter together with the other residual waste is burned, the heat from the fire is converted into electricity and heat. It is therefore a very good idea to properly sort cat litter.

Cat litter cannot be handed in at the recycling station, and it is therefore important that you dispose of the litter in the correct container at home.

Cat litter should not go in the toilet

Some may be tempted to throw the cat litter into the toilet. However, this is strongly advised against, as the gravel can clog the drain and damage the sewers. Put the cat's remains in a bag, e.g. a freezer bag, tie a knot and throw it directly into the container for residual waste.