Waste sorting of egg trays

Egg trays must be thrown in the container with cardboard waste. When you throw away your old egg trays for recycling, it is important that they are clean and dry. You must never put dirty or wet cardboard in the cardboard container, as this destroys the recycling of the dry and clean cardboard. It is therefore important that you sort your egg trays correctly, otherwise the clean cardboard risks having to be thrown away.
You must throw away dirty or wet cardboard in the container with residual waste.

That is why egg tray waste sorting is important

Cardboard and paper can be reused up to 7-8 times before it loses its "lifetime" - and of course this also applies to egg trays. 98% of the collected cardboard and paper is converted into "paper pulp", which is recycled into new fiber products.

If you're a little creative, egg trays can serve many different purposes. You can e.g. grow flowers or plants in them. Fill them with some potting soil and place a seed in the soil.
Old egg trays can also be used for creative projects with the kids.