Waste sorting of milk cartons

Milk cartons must be sorted in the same container as plastic waste. You may be wondering why the milk carton must be thrown away with the plastic waste, but there is a very special reason for this. When the plastic waste is emptied at the recycling station, the cartons are sorted and sent on for recycling.
Milk carton waste sorting - what are the old milk cartons used for?
The environment is saved from large amounts of CO2 and pollution when recycled and sorted correctly. When you sort your old milk cartons, the majority of the carton is recycled for new types of packaging. This is because the fibers in the milk carton are particularly useful for the production of new cardboard or packaging.

It is not only milk cartons that must be sorted - the same applies to yoghurt and juice cartons and other cartons containing food.

Examples of food and drink cartons:
  • Milk, cocoa milk and plant milk
  • Yogurt
  • Tomato sauce
  • Pastasauce
  • Different kinds of beans

As with all packaging, it is important to empty the carton as much as you can of its contents. In addition, it is a good idea to fold the packaging so that it takes up less space in the bin.