Waste sorting of chip bags

Chip bags must be sorted as residual waste if the inside of the bag is lined with metal. If, on the other hand, the chip bag is made of recyclable plastic, the bag must be sorted in the container with soft plastic. This will usually be indicated on the back of the bag.
The reason most chip bags are lined with metal is because it increases the durability of the product. But fortunately, several manufacturers have started to develop reusable metal-free bags that must be sorted as soft plastic - look for a small plastic pictogram on the back of the bag.

Chip bags waste sorting - this is how your old chip bags are recycled

When you properly sort your reusable chip bags at home, the bags are fused with other recyclable plastics and given new life. Every time you recycle your waste and sort it correctly at home, you are doing the environment a great service. The total CO2 emission is reduced, air pollution with dangerous particles is reduced and the water environment is far less affected. For every time you recycle 1 kg of plastic waste, energy is saved, which corresponds to an average household's 14-day standby consumption of electrical appliances.