Simple and elegant waste sorting with Sofie W. Engell

We have an exciting collaboration to present. A few weeks ago we entered into a collaboration with cool Sofie Weinreich Engell, who is behind the Instagram profile @byengell . Sofie is a photographer and is behind all the styling, photography and editing of the photos she takes. Based in Copenhagen with her husband and two children, Sofie also shows the finest pictures from her home on her second Instagram @homebyengell .

Elegant wall-hung waste bin

Sofie's home is characterized by the finest minimalist details, and there is clearly a red thread of Nordic style that runs through her home - the same style that we at ReCollector love.  

According to herself, Sofie had not been very good at sorting her recyclable waste, as she lacked a system. She had not found a sorting solution that fit into the home. After grocery shopping, there were piles of recyclable waste in the kitchen, which Sofie had to take down from the apartment to the municipal waste containers. It also happened often, Sofie and the family forgot the sorting in everyday life, mostly because it became too difficult.

It was the visuals of ReCollector's waste boxes that initially captured Sofie. The simple and elegant. In addition, Sofie also hoped that ReCollector's waste boxes would make sorting more manageable and better implement it in her everyday life.

"The waste bins have really meant a lot to us here at home. Even my husband has started sorting now because it's easy, I didn't think so”

Sofie has chosen to place six gray ReCollector waste boxes behind her kitchen door. ReCollector's waste boxes have been developed to fit behind doors, as we know that the space in many kitchens is tight or already well used.

"They hang in the kitchen, where we unpack our goods and have the most waste in everyday life. It must be easy and easily accessible, otherwise we won't get to use it in a busy everyday life. And then they take up almost nothing. But they help to decorate our otherwise very simple kitchen. They fit as well as they are. "

Sofie Engell stylish waste sorting

The size of ReCollector's waste boxes is designed to accommodate our most common waste without the boxes taking up too much space. For example, 18 cans of soda or 5 wine bottles fit easily in a ReCollector waste box. With Sofie and the family, the size fits perfectly and they take out the waste once a week.

On her blog, Sofie herself has written a blog post with lots of really good tips to make everyday life more sustainable. You can read Sofie's blog post here .

Thank you very much for the kind words Sofie, we are happy to help make waste sorting easier. As Sofie says, we only have one planet and we have to take care of it so that we can ensure a safe place to live for our children.