Now you also have to sort waste in your holiday home

The new rules for waste sorting have gradually been on many people's lips and in Denmark we must sort into 10 types of waste - and this also applies to holiday homes.

Plastic / Glass / Metal / Cardboard / Paper / Residual waste / Food cartons / Textile / Hazardous waste / Bio-waste

In a survey carried out by the National Association of Municipalities, it appears that sorting takes place least in the holiday home areas. There are several reasons for this. In part, there may be many different guests in holiday homes who must be informed about the specific waste sorting on site. In part, it can be difficult to find space for waste sorting in small kitchens, where the space is minimal and, in addition, it may not be possible to dispose of sorted waste in municipal waste containers close to holiday homes.

At ReCollector, we want to make it easy to sort waste, which is why our design solution for waste sorting is wall-mounted, so you save space in the kitchen cupboards. Our boxes are carefully designed so that the box can be opened with a small push, it is odorless and can be used with a regular 20 liter bag. Our boxes are available in 9 delicious Nordic colours, which fit perfectly into most summer houses.

It can be quite a challenge to start up, but the more we do it, the easier it becomes over time. Practice makes perfect.