Waste sorting with Ann-Kristin Hejl

We are super excited about our collaboration with @annkristinlhejl . Ann-Kristin is a digital creator and writes, among other things, about house and interior design, garden and not least sustainable lifestyle under the hashtag #gogreenannkristin on Instagram.

Ann-Kristin grew up with the sustainable approach, where she grew up in the countryside as a child, and where the family focused on sustainability, ecology and self-sufficiency. This included, among other things, one combined soap for laundry, cleaning and body wash, as well as the use of discarded clothes instead of buying new. Therefore, sustainability is not a new word for Ann-Kristin, and it therefore also involves waste sorting. It is important for her to get all the way around with the sorting and to do it right. It can be difficult if you find it unmanageable.

Before the ReCollector was introduced into Ann-Kristin's fine home, she used several different baskets and bins in her kitchen. If there was a lot of waste, she had to take a trip to the basement, where she had made room for more waste sorting – a trip she took several times a day.

That changed when she was introduced to the ReCollector boxes. Here, there is no need for annoying waste bins that stand out on the floor, and which are not very pretty to look at either. There is also no need to have intermediate waste stations or to use all the space under the kitchen sink.

Ann-Kristin tells on her Instagram how ReCollector helps the family sort more waste than they otherwise would have done. At the same time, the family also thinks that the ReCollector is an easy and practical solution, which means that waste sorting can be done in one place in the home without disturbing the decor - which we are so happy to hear!

Ann-Kristin has the ReCollector boxes in the color Fungi Brown, which fit perfectly into her decor, which is characterized by natural colours.

On her highlight on Instagram called "Waste ♻️", you can also see how much plastic there is actually room for in a ReCollector box. It's a question we often get, and we think she gives a really good representation of how much there really can be. Check out her Instagram right here .

We are happy to help make waste sorting an easier part of everyday life, and we are also really happy about the nice words we have received from Ann-Kristin - thank you very much for that!