Tips for waste sorting at Christmas

In the month of December, we treat ourselves a little extra fun, treats and enjoy Christmas decorations. It all creates extra waste, which can be difficult to know how to sort. You can therefore get a few tips here on how Christmas waste can be sorted so that we can recycle it.

1. Christmas lights

Christmas lights are incredibly beautiful, whether they are adorning the Christmas tree, hanging on the roof or in the garden. Christmas lights brings warmth and coziness in a dark and cold time. But what do you do with them when the lights go out? Light chains with LED must be sorted as hazardous waste. If the light chain is without an LED, you must throw it away as electronic waste.

Psst... LED lasts longer and is much more energy-friendly, both for your wallet and for the climate.

2. The gift wrap

Regardless of whether you love to give or receive gifts, you will probably end up with several large garbage bags full of gift wrapping. But what to do with it? And can it be recycled? The short answer is no. Gift paper is surface treated. That's why it feels smooth. Gift wrapping must therefore be thrown into residual waste at the recycling site or together with household waste. However, some municipalities can recycle gift wrapping. Therefore, check out your municipality's website before all the bags end up as residual waste. You can reuse brown recycled paper.

3. The Christmas tree decorations

No Christmas tree without glass balls. They are decorative and evoke the inner Christmas child in most people - until they fall to the floor and break. And what are you going to do with the scraps? In the glass container or for residual waste? Glass balls rarely go in the glass container, because despite the name, very few glass balls are made of glass. The sorting is therefore further complicated by the fact that the municipalities also have different approaches to handling glass balls. Always check your municipality's website before throwing the glass ball in the glass container or for residual waste. However, you can advantageously hand in the crushed balls in hazardous waste or as bulky waste. In this way, you are sure that your waste is handled correctly by the municipality's employees.