Banana fly control: How to get rid of them

Do you have problems with banana flies? Then you are not alone. Summer is known to be high season for banana flies, but luckily there are many ways to fight, prevent and remove banana flies.

Read along here and learn more about how to trap a banana fly and fight banana flies in the kitchen and the rest of the home.

What are banana flies?

Banana flies, also known as vinegar flies, are small, annoying insects that tend to invade our kitchens and the places we eat. The little creatures can be a nuisance, especially in the summer when fruits and vegetables are more available or in the bin.

Banana flies are found near waste, overripe fruit, vegetables and fermentation substrates. They are known for their rapid reproduction and their attraction to sugary and fermented substances. The lifespan of banana flies is an average of 30 days, and the female can lay eggs already when she is 1 day old.

Although they are not harmful to humans, they can be extremely troublesome and unsanitary as, like flies, they eat spoiled food.

How to get rid of banana flies

As I said, there are simple methods to combat and remove banana flies. You've probably heard of the good old house tips against banana flies, but does it work? Below, we have collected a number of suggestions on how to get rid of the little beasts.

Cleanliness is key

The first step to combating banana flies is good old fashioned cleaning. Go through your kitchen and remove all overripe fruits and vegetables. Empty the bin regularly and if there are any remains of spilled juice or soda, it is important to wipe it up.

Remove their breeding sites

Inspect your kitchen for any fermented substances. This includes old wine or beer residue, overripe juices, and even dirty dishcloths. Be sure to clean and disinfect these areas thoroughly.

Freeze them out

If you suspect that the banana flies have invaded your fruit bowl, you can place the entire fruit bowl in the freezer for a few hours. This will kill any banana fly eggs or larvae that may be present. You must of course remember to remove the fruit from the bowl, as it is only the bowl that needs a trip in the freezer.

Lay a trap - the banana fly catcher

You can make a simple (and free) banana fly trap by placing some overripe fruit, rose wine or sweet vinegar in a bowl or glass with a few drops of washing-up liquid. You then cover it with plastic wrap and make small holes in the foil. The banana flies will be attracted to the smell and will have a hard time getting out again. You can also buy commercial banana fly traps in stores.

Use the vacuum cleaner

You can also try vacuuming the banana flies if there are a lot of them.

Keep it clean

Keep your kitchen clean and tidy. Make sure all your food items are tightly sealed and empty the dishwasher regularly. Preferably use a waste bin with a lid to prevent banana flies from entering.

Have patience

If the amount of banana flies in the kitchen or elsewhere in the home is serious, it may take some time to get rid of them. The best thing you can do is arm yourself with patience and follow the previously mentioned steps - then you should probably get rid of the invasive insects.

Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is always the best solution. We have collected some tips on how you can prevent banana flies from multiplying.

  • Store fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator or in sealed containers
  • Empty and clean the bin regularly
  • Wipe wet areas and spills in the kitchen quickly
  • Use liquid soap or washing-up liquid to rinse the dishes, as this removes any remaining fermented substances

Remember that although banana flies are annoying, they can be effectively controlled with patience and by following these simple steps. With a clean and hygienic approach to your kitchen, you can prevent future invasions and enjoy a fly-free life.

Proper storage of waste can reduce the amount of banana flies

Most bins are open, which is pure slafferland for the small insects, who have free access to food scraps and other waste. With a waste bin from ReCollector, you will experience fewer banana flies, as the lid closes completely. The bucket also has a stylish design that fits into any aesthetic home.


How to get rid of banana flies?

Make sure to keep the kitchen and home free of waste - especially food scraps or dried-on stains from juice or soda. Regular cleaning is the way forward to a home free of banana flies. A waste bin that closes tightly can also minimize the number of small flies.

Where do banana flies come from?

Banana flies find their way into your warm kitchen through windows or cracks. The flies are attracted to bruised and overripe fruit, waste and dried spots from sweet liquids in which they lay their eggs. The month of August is also high season for banana flies.

How to catch banana flies?

You can catch banana flies in a glass with vinegar and washing-up liquid. Cover the glass with plastic film and poke holes in the foil, after which the flies will be trapped in the glass.

Are banana flies harmful?

No, banana flies are not harmful, but they can be carriers if they have eaten spoiled food.

What are banana flies?

Banana flies are small brownish flies, which are also called fruit flies or vinegar flies. They do not grow larger than a few millimeters, but can quickly invade an entire kitchen, as they multiply in a short time.