We're going pink for breast cancer in October🎀

We are going pink for breast cancer in October and donating NOK 100 to Kræftens Bekæmpelse for each box sold and at the same time giving you a NOK 100 discount on our pink boxes.

The month of October is a time when autumnal colors begin to dominate our surroundings, but this year we have decided to add a touch of pink to this season. At ReCollector we are pleased to announce that we are supporting the Cancer Society's "Support the Breasts" campaign throughout the month of October.

Why do we go pink?

Breast cancer is a challenging disease that affects millions of people worldwide. As a company, we want to take part in supporting society and fighting for important causes. That's why we're launching our Pink October initiative, where we go pink and support breast cancer awareness and research. 

How to participate:

For the entire month of October, we will donate 100 kroner to Kræftens Bekæmpelse for every pink box sold from our assortment. Our pink boxes are produced from recycled plastic, which can also be reused again if it breaks. The boxes can be used for storage or waste sorting, where sorting is easy, simple and stylish.

By choosing a pink box from ReCollector, you are actively contributing to breast cancer research and prevention.

The Norwegian Cancer Society: A partner in the fight against breast cancer

The Danish Cancer Society has for decades been an important player in the work to understand, prevent and treat breast cancer. We are proud to support their important work and we encourage you all to take part in the Pink October campaign by choosing our pink boxes. We donate DKK 100 to the Cancer Society for each pink box sold.

Together we make a difference:

Let's go pink together in October and support the Cancer Society's "Support the breasts" campaign. By purchasing ReCollector's pink boxes, we show our strength as a community and help give hope to those affected by breast cancer.

We appreciate your support and look forward to going the extra mile for a good cause this October.

Thank you for being a part of ReCollector and for helping to make a difference.

Buy here: https://recollectorstore.com/da/products/recycling-box-ash-rose Support the breasts