Think globally, act locally - our boxes are produced in Denmark

In a world where globalization and international trade have reached unprecedented heights, it can be difficult to remember the importance of supporting local businesses. But this is precisely what can contribute to a more sustainable future and reduce CO2 emissions.

At ReCollector, we have chosen to produce our boxes for waste storage/waste sorting in Denmark, and this is not without reason. By producing our boxes in Denmark, we not only reduce the transport costs and CO2 emissions that would be involved in importing products from abroad. We also contribute to creating jobs and supporting the local economy.

We use recycled plastic in our production, which means that we recycle plastic that would otherwise have ended up in landfill or incineration. This reduces the amount of waste.

Our choice to produce our boxes in Denmark also has a positive impact on the quality of our products. We have close cooperation with our supplier and can control the entire production process from start to finish. This ensures that our products are of high quality and meet our standards for responsible production and functionality.

We believe that when we think globally and act locally, we can create a more sustainable and just future. By supporting local companies and producing our boxes in Denmark, we contribute to a more sustainable and efficient future, while maintaining high standards for quality and functionality.