The consumers know best

ReCollector's sorting box has been developed on the basis of several anthropological user studies. The thoughts behind this have been to create functionality based on consumer needs, as we at ReCollector are convinced that users know best when it comes to waste sorting in their own homes. Among other things, we have made observations of what people do with their food packaging while cooking in their kitchen, and in addition we have held several workshops, where the topics have been what preferences and requirements the participants have for waste sorting, and what barriers to more and better waste sorting , the participants experience.

Many good ideas have come out of this work, which has resulted in ReCollector's new boxes for waste sorting meeting the needs of consumers. On the basis of these workshops, ReCollector has been developed as an efficient and flexible way to sort waste, which has room for every home. Not all homes are the same, and there may be a need for waste sorting to be both accessible and unobtrusive. It must be easy, functional and beautiful. In the development of our new solution for waste sorting, we have devised, among other things:

Lack of space

The biggest challenge for consumers in connection with waste sorting is lack of space. Regardless of the size of the apartment or house, cupboard space can be a problem. With the increased requirements for waste sorting, the traditional space under the sink has become too small. ReCollector's sorting system is therefore wall-mounted and flexible, so that it is possible to put together a solution that fits exactly the needs and the space you have.


Consumers want their sorting solution to stand out, but then it has to be nice. ReCollector's design solution is therefore not only functional, but is created in a classic, Scandinavian design with simple lines and muted colors that can fit into any home.


Bags can be an annoyance when they don't fit. Therefore, an ordinary 20 L waste bag has been the starting point for the goals in ReCollector's design. ReCollector's sorting box is designed so that the bags both fit perfectly and are easy to put in. See here how easy it is to put a bag in a ReCollector sorting box: