Why plastic was the right choice

In ReCollector's early days, we had many considerations about what material the sorting box should be made in. There were a multitude of options, and everything from wood to metal was included in the considerations. Wood is a beautiful and living material to work with. Here, it is possible to bring nature into the home by leaving it untreated, so that the knots and veins of the wood are visible. It gives the interior a warm look. Metals such as brass or iron create a cooler look, but in terms of design, it is beautiful to see the colors of the metal change according to the light in the room.

So why does ReCollector use plastic? There are several reasons for this. In close cooperation with consumers, we came to the best and most functional solution that helps us to solve the challenges we experience with waste sorting in everyday life. Together with the consumers, we looked at, among other things, a wooden prototype. "It's very nice - but it doesn't last. It's going to be dingy", was some of the feedback from the consumer survey. And this is true! A wooden sorting box will be difficult to keep clean and fairly neat once the juice from tinned tomatoes has seeped into the wood - so that idea went out the window...

The problem with metal was that, firstly, it is very heavy, so it will be difficult to mount them. On top of that, metal will eventually rust, which not only affects the appearance but also the life of the sorting box. Therefore, the choice fell on recycled plastic.

Easy to keep clean - and to carry out to the container

The primary reasons why consumers prefer plastic is that it is easier to clean and durable. In addition, plastic does not weigh as much as, for example, metal. This is a clear advantage when it has to be hung on the wall. In addition, it is practical that the inner box can be carried out and emptied into the larger waste containers outside the home or business.

Finally, plastic has a design advantage in that it is easy to shape. Therefore, it gave us the opportunity to test different designs and find the right closing mechanism that can best reduce the smell from the waste without compromising on appearance. And all in all to meet the requirements for a sorting box that combines functionality with a strict, Danish design.

It must be recycled plastic – we will not make any compromises here!

When the choice fell on plastic, it was crucial to find a solution with both recycled and reusable plastic. ReCollector in no way wants to contribute to our overuse of fossil resources such as gas and oil.

Despite its fossil origin, recycled plastic is therefore a sustainable material. As plastic has an extremely high carbon content, recycled plastic acts as a carbon depot. If, on the other hand, plastic is not recycled, it will either break down into CO2 when burned and thus contribute to the greenhouse effect, or even worse, it will end up as polluting waste in nature.

For every ton of recycled plastic, 3.8 barrels of oil are saved. So it matters in the grand scheme of things what we choose.