Great and flexible solution for your waste

The Nordic homes are characterized by light, simplicity and coordinated colours. In the design of the sorting box, we have taken the Nordic lifestyle as a starting point and have made an effort to create a classic and timeless design that can adorn the home, while at the same time allowing you to manage your waste sorting.

ReCollector's design and colors are not chosen by accident. We have always focused on achieving the simple, beautiful and calm expression, and the colors contribute to that. They are chosen with inspiration from nature, where many of the colors are found in the forest, by the sea and the sky. The colors can easily be combined crosswise. They are selected so that they can complement each other and still maintain the calm, subdued expression.

Waste sorting can easily be a design element in the home rather than the very traditional solutions for handling waste, which are kept in black colors and designed to be hidden away under a sink or in a utility room. ReCollector does away with that way of thinking, as we see waste as resources, which can be wrapped up in stylish design solutions.