ReCollector's design

ReCollector's design is based on a large number of anthropological studies in which users have shown, told and reflected on their waste sorting. They have also given us an insight into their wishes for a waste sorting product. In this way, we can meet many of the barriers that make it difficult and unmanageable to sort waste.

ReCollector's design therefore has a multitude of small functions which are based on the user's needs. The inner box is easy to take with you and empty. The handles can be used to transport the inner bucket out into the municipal waste sorting containers. They can also be used to tighten a standard 20 liter bag. Many users have experienced that bags for waste sorting either did not fit the dimensions of their waste bins or the bags were difficult to access. Both parts were a major annoyance for users. The handle can also be used to set the inner box in tension, so that the inner box is open if more materials need to be sorted. At the back of the inner box there is an additional handle, which makes it easy to transport 2 sorting boxes in one hand.

Our design solution for waste sorting is wall-mounted, as we learned that a major barrier to waste sorting is lack of space, especially under the kitchen sink. On July 1, 2021, we have to sort 10 types of waste, and it will be difficult to have space for this in the home. The space in a kitchen is often used well, which is why we have designed our solution with a depth of 15 cm. With that measure, the sorting boxes can hang behind an open door, where many have unused space.

We cannot meet all needs, requirements or preferences, but we have done our best to create a solution that makes waste sorting easy and manageable. In addition, we have packaged our solution in a nice, simple, Nordic look.