Laundry sorting – the stylish way

It's laundry day and you're probably standing with your head buried deep in the laundry basket. If you are one of those people who spends a lot of time sorting laundry, you should consider going about it systematically. And this is where the boxes from ReCollector come in very handy. Due to the functionality and innovative design of the boxes, they are particularly suitable for sorting laundry. With a laundry sorting system, you can facilitate the entire process in connection with sorting laundry. 

Inspiration for sorting laundry

With a correct sorting of the laundry, contamination of the clothes is avoided. Sort the clothes in black, white and light to avoid your favorite white shirt taking on a greyish hue. Some choose to divide the clothing into several color categories, but as long as it is divided into the three categories, you have come a long way. However, it is recommended that brand new clothes be washed separately the first time, as they contain several chemical substances that can be harmful to your skin and health.
In addition to color sorting, it is equally important to sort in relation to textiles to avoid the clothes being damaged or shrinking. This applies particularly to wool and silk.

Make the laundry room stylish with ReCollector 

Instead of having two or more laundry baskets standing on the floor, you can instead replace them with our wall-hung boxes. The boxes are designed based on the Nordic style, and therefore fit well into most homes and those with a love for Danish design. With its simplicity, clean lines and muted colours, the boxes almost blends in with the wall, and makes an otherwise messy laundry room appear much tidier.
The number of boxes depends on the amount of washing and the number of people in the household. Some wash their clothes more often than others and sort them into several color categories. However, we recommend having at least two buckets - one for dark and one for light clothes.


Why do black lines appear on the laundry?

Black lines on the laundry can be caused by deposits on the drum, which are the result of a long-term overdose of detergent containing the difficult-to-dissolve substance zeolite.

How long can laundry be left in the washing machine?

It is recommended to take the laundry out of the washing machine as soon as the wash is finished. Otherwise, you run the risk of the clothes becoming wrinkled and, in the worst case, smelling sour, so they have to be washed again.

Why does my laundry smell sour?

If the laundry smells sour, your washing machine probably needs cleaning. Acidic laundry can also be caused by having it left in the machine for too long or if you have forgotten to dose the detergent properly.